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A Holistic Hotel Stay

A Holistic Hotel Stay

A Holistic Hotel Stay


Villa Astra**** Lovran, Croatia

A Holistic stay is designed to awaken your internal capacity

for rejuvenation, regeneration and to access your inner power.

Created by the renowned Holistic Doctor Ludmila Vassilieva, who after decades of working with patients from around the world, has brought to life a program that promises to reawaken health and happiness to your being.

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And together with the founder of Historic Villa Astra; Mr. Vjeko Martinko, her innovative program is now available for your incomparable experience. 

A Holistic stay offers you the truest form of holistic health, nutrition, and activities that are rooted in the holistic philosophy. It is a getaway that includes a fully integrated and round the clock program to realign your being with nature’s rhythm and to bring Mind, Body & Soul into harmony.

 Tap into an ultimate state of relaxation as all your senses are deeply nourished and your body is able to restore itself on its most fundamental level.

The Holistic Stay Experience includes:

        ·       Measuring your Stress & Energy levels through BioWell scan and offering you a before and after comparison!

        ·       Carefully chosen music, seasonal herbal baths, special salts and other unique holistic amenities provided in the room to enhance an experience of true comfort and deep relaxation.

        ·       Food and beverages offered at certain timings and in a way that are best for digestion.

        ·       Spa therapies, specially designed to enhance your experience.    (includes therapeutic massges & Sauna relaxation.)

        ·       Activities arranged to nourish the body, mind & soul by moving energy & releasing excess toxins.


        ·       An insight to the founder's own experience of personal transformation into holistic lifestyle.

        ·       Tunning into the natural and rich heritage of the space.





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