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A Holistic Hotel Stay

A Holistic Hotel Stay

A Holistic Hotel Stay

Villa Astra**** Lovran, Croatia


A Holistic stay is designed to awaken your internal capacity

for rejuvenation , regeneration and acces your inner power.


Created by the renowned Holistic Doctor Ludmila Vassilieva, who after decades of working with patients from around the world, has brought to life a program that promises to reawaken health and happiness to your being.

More details of Dr.Ludmila and her team services you can find at: 

Her inovative program is currently implemented in Historic Villa Astra.

There it’s owner Vjeko Martinko, an international project manager, intuition coach and  a light worker has created a high vibrational enviroment in the interior of the Villa and in Villa’s Energy Garden.

 Several vortexes are present in this unique natural settings of the old Opatija Riviera, developed in 19th century as a winter health resort by Vienna Medical school.

A Holistic stay offers you the truest form of holistic health, nutrition, and activities that are rooted in the holistic philosophy. It is a getaway that includes a fully integrated and round the clock program to realign your being with nature’s rhythm and to bring Mind, Body & Soul into harmony.

 Tap into an ultimate state of relaxation as all your senses are deeply nourished and your body is able to restore itself on its most fundamental level.

The Holistic Stay Experience:

        ·       Carefully chosen music, seasonal herbal baths, special salts and other unique holistic amenities are provided in the room to enhance an experience of true comfort and deep relaxation.

        ·       Food and beverages are offered at timings and in a way that are best for digestion.

        ·       Spa therapies have been specially designed to enhance your experience.

        ·       Activities will be arranged to nourish the body, mind & soul by moving energy & releasing excess toxins.

        ·       Sharing of the owners experience of personal transformation into holistic lifestyle.

        ·       Tunning in local natural and man-made heritage.

Weekend stay

Friday afternoon

o   Check in at the Hotel Villa Astra, accommodation in one of the high-frequency rooms with sea view

o   Welcome drink

18.00. – 19.00

                                ·            Welcome by the owner Mr. Vjekoslav Martinko and introduction to program.

                                ·            Scan with Bio-Well (The scan will be provided before and after the program).

Bio-Well (GDV Camera) is a revolutionary tool made especially for express/assessment of the functional energetic state of a person and space.  Interpretation of the scans with recommendation  individual guests program will be followed by Dr. Ludmila and her team in Holistic global ( )

Bio-Well has been developed by an international team led by Dr.Konstantin Korotkov.

19.00 Holistic dinner

…A light dinner will keep you satisfied & content…

20.00 Walking on lungomare promenade followed by a group meditation

21.00 Evening Holistic Tea

22.00 Holistic music for relaxation and sleep

Participants will also get a sleeping mask with lavender, which provides a deep relaxation.


Saturday morning

07:15 Morning Holistic entrée

o    Special Herbal tea

07:30 Detox bath with special holistic herbs (from Mt.Ucka) and Epsom salt.

08:00 Yoga and meditation (indoor or outdoor)

o     Breathing, Activity in groups

08.45 Holistic rich breakfast (provides you the energy you need)

o   A holistic set of menu will be serve at our restaurant

(bio vegetables, tofu, seitan and other vegetarian products, smoothies, vitalized hot water with lemon)

o   A note with the health benefits will be provided

10.00 Walking in the Energy garden of Villa Astra

Sitting and connecting with Energy points in Garden and experience the present energies. Guests will get small brochure that will able them to follow the points and find alone favor one for each individual and get individual unique experience

10.45 Holistic therapy Therapies include sauna (3in1 – finnish, bio & hammam) & various massages. (1 per person during program)

Light & Sound therapy with implemented  led color lighting combined and sound-around system.

12.15 Special juice for noon time and fruit selection.

* Juice is made with Astra vitalized and structured water.

13.30 Holistic Lunch

o   Lunch which supports health and vitality. A hot lunch will help you fuel you throughout the day.

14.00 Resting time

1 hour of holistic member to rest or indulge in some proposed activities.

16.00 Afternoon holistic entrée

Special juice for the afternoon and light snack

16.15 Holistic therapy

Therapies ideally include sauna (3in1 – finnish, bio & Hammam), steam, various massages.

06.30 Holistic Dinner

…A light dinner will keep you satisfied & content…

07.30 Social Evening (music, stories, etc.)

21.00 Evening holistic tea

22.00 Holistic music for relation and sleep


Sunday morning

07:15 Morning Holistic entrée  
Special Herbal tea

07. 30 Detox bath with special holistic herbs (from Mt.Ucka) and epsom salt.

08:00_Yoga and meditation (indoor or outdoor)

o   Breathing

o   Activity in groups

08.45 Holistic breakfast

o   A holistic set of menu will be serve at our restaurant

(bio vegetables, tofu, seitan and other vegetarian products, smoothies, vitalized water)

o   A note with the health benefits will be provided

10.00 Trip to Casa Oraj

o   Experience the incredible power of this unique nature location. (crossing of lay lines - power place)

o   Walking the Labyrinth, symbol of life.

o   Visiting the ancient Cave.

12.15 Special juice from our bio garden at noon time and fruits selection

12.30 Second Bio-Well scan will be made to show difference in the energy body.

01.00 Holistic Lunch

o   Lunch which supports health and vitality.

14-15.00 Check out and receiving presents

At check out each person will get energy paiting by Mr.Vjekoslav Martinko, as a present to support individual holistic lifestyle after leaving at home, and bottle of Astra vitalized structured water.


Program available based upon availability.

Program is also available for a week stay.



Promotional prices per program are for double occupany use :

2 overnight stay / double use

Standard double room  530 eur

Standard room with balcony 542 eur

Superior double room 594 eur

Standard double – garden view 434  eur


Single use price:

Standard double room  371 eur

Standard room with balcony  380 eur

Superior double room  415 eur

Standard double – garden view  303 eur

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