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Casa Oraj

Casa Oraj is a renovated, rustic farmhouse on the slopes of Mount Ucka on the Croatian Istrian Peninsula, 375 metres (1.200 feet) high above the Adriatic in the hinterland of Lovran. It is part of an unspoilt wider area called Tulisevica, on a 25,000 square metre (6 acres) estate that houses a century-old manor.

It is a completely restored farmhouse for vacation, rest and relaxation, with 4 double-bedded rooms decorated with original old furniture, fully-equipped kitchen, dining room, living room, small, cosy library and a cellar for social gatherings and events. (We can also organize a food delivery.) Technical equipment of the house includes: telephone, dishwasher and other kitchen appliances.

Casa Oraj is ideal to host small groups, seminars, meetings, creative workshops, recreational activities and health programs. The main house is surrounded by a mountainside herbal garden with terraced land, caves. and - a special attraction - its own labyrinth. Casa Oraj has an open fire and heating system but not a cooling system (only nature's own air conditioning). Private parking is alongside the house.

Here you can enjoy in unforgettable views, silence is broken only by birdsong and the rustle of breezes in the trees, and there are seemingly endless trails through centennial forests on all sides, including two caves.

Spirit of the place

There are special places, in nature, which radiate a perceptible, positive force. The energies in these places can harmonise our own energy field. Oraj is such a place. The harmony of the site opens your mind, allows you to detach yourself from everyday life, and helps you finding new paths and thoughts thus strengthening your vital powers. This is a place to walk, hike or climb, far from traffic, discover local medicinal herbs, breathe clean, sweet air, and completely relax. An oasis, a place to enhance transformation.