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Villa Astra

A few words from the host

Dear guests and friends,

Our intention at hotel Villa Astra is that every guest feels transformation within during their stay here. Moreover, our intention is that our Villa Astra, Casa Oraj and Lovran - every guest leaves feeling more relaxed, empowered and with a feeling of their core frequency that brings him/her joy and creativity; transformed and open for continuous change.

Since the opening of Villa Astra in 2002, every day we witness such testimonies from our guests and friends. Usually they quickly recognize the special energy of the location and feel deep peace, relaxation and revitalisation. Guests say: “It is magical” and they return again and again because of that. In 2016 this magic reached a new level. Natural vortexes of electromagnetic energy in the garden are now connected and the whole garden and villa vibrate with a high frequency energy that enables quick revitalisation of your core frequency. In addition to scientific measurements by physicists there are lot of guest testimonials on this, such as this one from a couple from Munich, Germany: „Mr. Martinko, thank you for this place. My husband is 60 years old and works in highly demanding corporate environment. We came here with our last drop of energy. After just 2 days of relaxing in the garden he has completely recuperated.

We hope that each of our guests will "come as a guest and leave as a friend."

"Life is a journey and your journey is our life." Experience the magic of Villa Astra.

Vjekoslav Martinko, owner