Unberührte Natur

Casa Oraj

Nutzgarten Casa Oraj

Casa Oraj is a fully renovated, rustic country house on the hill of Lovran, at the foot of Učka Mountain. 375 metres above sea level, it is located on a 25,000 square metre estate, centuries old, in the middle of untouched nature.

Situated between the Učka mountain peak and the sea, Oraj enjoys an unforgettable view that immediately makes you feel at peace. This tranquillity is accompanied only by the chirping of birds and the rustling of leaves in the wind. Seemingly endless hiking trails lead through ancient forests to caves overlooking the sea.

On the Lovran hill


4 rooms for 2 persons each in a renovated, rustic country house with the best view of the Kvarner Bay. The site has an organic vegetable garden, a forest and a grotto.

Casa Oraj

Spirit of the place

In nature there are special places where one can feel the radiation of positive energy. Such energy can influence the achievement of harmony in our personal energy field. Oraj is exactly the place where the harmony of the region promotes open mind, it frees you from everyday thoughts and helps you to find new ways of living and thinking by increasing your life force.

It is the perfect place for walking, hiking or climbing, it is far away from the noise of the city and traffic. Here you have the opportunity to get to know local flora, enjoy the clean, intoxicating air and total relaxation. Oraj is a natural oasis and the perfect place to promote internal change and transformation.