• Lovran an der Kvarner Bucht

    Kvarner Bay

Kvarner Bay


Lovran is a beautiful town on the Kvarner Bay in northwest Croatia. It is known for its picturesque beaches, architecture and stunning scenery surrounded by mountains and the sea.

A popular holiday destination for people seeking peace and beauty, the town also offers a rich history and culture. Visitors can visit local markets, go hiking and cycling, and explore the surrounding towns and villages. With its mild climate and beautiful nature, Lovran is a perfect place for a relaxing holiday.

Lovran is located near Istria, a peninsula in northwestern Croatia and one of the country's most popular tourist destinations. The peninsula is known for its beautiful landscape with the Alps in the background and the crystal clear sea off the coast. The coast offers excellent conditions for swimming and snorkelling.

It is also rich in history and culture, with a long history dating back to Roman times. There are many ancient sites to visit, including excavations of Roman villas and theatre performances. The region is also known for its fantastic cuisine, with a variety of local dishes based on olive oil, fresh fish and local spices.

Our hotel is located in the Kvarner Bay, a beautiful bay on the Adriatic coast of Croatia, which stretches for about 70 kilometres. The bay is a popular holiday destination for people seeking peace and beauty, and offers a rich history and culture. The coast is characterised by picturesque bays and beaches, cliffs and small islands that invite you to take boat trips. There are also numerous towns and villages to explore. In addition to Lovran, other towns include Opatija and Rijeka, each with its own history and culture.